This installation method assumes you have not installed JTSDK previously. Adjust as necessary if reinstalling. Download the following packages, then follow the Install Sequence. below.


Click the following links to download each of the installers:

Install Sequence

It is important to install the packages in the correct order. Simply follow the list below, and accept the defaults in each installer. The entire process takes ~15-20 minutes, depending on system speed.

The installation location for is fixed to C:\JTSDK it cannot be changed. This is due to the way Python and QT are installed.

  1. Install MS-VCredist (2010), follow the prompts
  2. Install MS-VCredist (2013), follow the prompts
  3. Unzip, then run the OmniRig Installer, follow the prompts
  4. JTSDK Main Installer, follow the prompts
  5. JTSDK Update-1, follow the prompts
  6. JTSDK Update-2, follow the prompts, provides QT 5.5 and GCC 4.9
  7. JTSDK Update-3, follow the prompts, adds Ruby and AsciiDoctor
  8. JTSDK Update-4, Move Build scripts to a stable branch ( Important Upgrade! )

Post Installation

After the installation finishes, and before building Hamlib3 or other autotools applications:

  • Open JTSDK-MSYS once, close then re-open JTSDK-MSYS.
  • Now follow the instructions per your version of Windows

XP / Vista / Win7

  • Start >> Programs >> JTSDK >> Tools >> JTSDK Maintenance
  • Then type..: update
  • Then type..: upgrade

Win8 / Win10

  • Launchers should be listed under a location similar to:
  • All Apps >> J >> JTSDK >> JTSDK Maintenance
  • Then type: update
  • Then type: upgrade