Basic Compiling

You should build / rebuild Hamlib3 often, as it is receives frequent updates. You must also build Hamlib3 “before” building WSJT-X the first time.

Build Hamlib3

  • Type: build-hamlib3

WSJTX v1.7.0 Devel Example

  • Open JTSDK-QT ( Desktop Icon or Start Menu )
  • Type: build-wsjtx rinstall

WSJT v10.0 Example

  • Open JTSDK-PY ( Desktop Icon or Start Menu )
  • Type: build-wsjt install

Build Notes

  • The install locations will be posted at the bottom of the each sucessful run
  • Besure sure to check your build options with: list-options

Reporting Issues

Submitt Issues to: JTSDK Win GitHub